Barton Jones Wines Cellar Door – Progress Update

on 23 October, 2013

As of October 2013, progress continues with development of the tasting room.

The straw walls have now been coated with the first of three coasts of natural lime render and a mixture of lime and sand now highlight the building, as do the newly installed recycled jarrah window frames and the ash doors.

The rendering is a long process due to the amount of time required for drying between coats. The Winter provides ideal conditions for rendering to ensure that drying is slow which helps minimise any potential for cracking.

The building has now taken on a substantial feel and it gives a really good idea of how the building will look when finished.

The solar panel roof continues to perform really well and even the Autumn/Winter sun makes a huge contribution to the electricity production on site.  So far the total power produced since installation in September 2011 is an impressive 7.6MWh.

Watch out for more updates and the all important announcement of opening.